Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Before I even get started on this months Birchbox, I just want to thank anyone who continues to read my blog. My photos, my style and everything about my blog seem to be changing on a weekly basis. I've become bored of my over-exposed, over white and overly put together photos. I'm still trying to figure out my photo style and also figuring out how I like my photos to be edited without going over the top. I would just like to say thank you if you've been sticking with me, I kinda feel like my blog is a teenager that is going through the "awkward" purple eye shadow stage, yaaa know. Anywhoo, I still want to put content out there. 

Moving on. I decided to sign up to Birchbox after seeing everyone rave about this months box. Well, to be honest, I didn't sign up, my partner signed up for me (to shut me up, so he could watch football obvs) but regardless to whom may have signed up, I've got it. Long story short here's what I got in this months Birchbox. If you don't know what Birchbox is, read more about it here.

The first thing in my box is This works deep sleep pillow spray. The full size of this product retails at £16. I love anything like this, I'm that girl that puts lavender oil in my bath, in my diffuser and all over the house purely just to feel a little "zen". I'm all about relaxation, after having my 5-month-old daughter screaming all day there is nothing better than a glass of Prosecco and anything that suggests I will get a better night sleep. I don't even care if this kind of product is gimmicky, I loveeeee it.

This hair serum should come with a warning... No seriously, I caught annoying girlfriend syndrome after using this hair oil. I wouldn't stop banging on about how soft my hair was and telling Robbie (my partner) to feel how soft my hair was every 5 minutes. I already want this in full size. It left my hair feeling silky soft without leaving any sticky residue. I can honestly say hands down this serum is the best I've tried in a long time. I also want to try the reconstruction masque by Number 4 after using this.

I don't want to be that blogger that is like yes, I love everything, but... I really do love this. I will 100% be purchasing the full sized version. Rituals hammam body mud is an exfoliator and I don't find that it exfoliates particularly well or anything the main reason I have fallen in love with this is because it feels so refreshing. You know when you use a caffeine shampoo and you get that cold tingling feeling, this kinda feels like that but all over your body. When you get out the shower it feels really cold, but in a satisfying, I'm squeaky clean sort of way. Trying this has completely convinced me to test out some more products from Rituals. This product retails at £14 and I was pleasantly surprised, I kind of had it in my mind that Rituals was a really pricey brand.

This also come in this month's BirchboxLoc Millie in Bohemian rose, The shade is beautiful and it felt smooth and creamy when I swatched it on my hand but I'm a sucker for a nude. I've not reached for this once since discovering it in my Birchbox and it is kind of a shame because it does look really pretty but I always reach for a nude lippy over this. Perhaps when summer comes I may get more use out of it? It retails at £9 which I think is pretty reasonable.

This Doux me pure spring mist was something in my box that I really wasn't bothered by. Essentially it is water in a spray bottle. I just thought this should have been in a summer box. However, I'm not going to lie although I definitely pre-judged this and was really skeptical about it, I've kinda become a little obsessed with this, I actually love spraying this over my face after I've washed it. I feel like it is really refreshing and actually more hydrating than I first expected. I wouldn't say this is an essential but if you fancy a little treat/pick me up I find this does the trick. It retails at £16 which probably is on the pricey side for what it is but I'm not going to lie its one of them guilty pleasure kinda products.. you know the ones you don't really know if it does much but it makes you feel good.

 The last thing I got in my Birchbox was Trilogy vital moisturizing cream. I really like the feeling of this cream, it leaves me skin feeling soft and hydrated. The only problem with it is, it feels heavy under my foundation and whenever I've used it under foundation I have always found it doesn't sit well. I believe it retails at £24.50. I don't think I will be purchasing this item in the future.

If your thinking about signing up to Birchbox use my link  and you will receive £5 worth of Birchbox points that you can spend in the Birchbox shop! view shop here!

Overall I was really happy with the products inside my box this month. Let me know your thoughts on Birchbox, are you thinking about signing up? Are you already signed up, whatever it is let me know.


Saturday, 22 October 2016


I was kindly sent some items from Nurbesten, who I have worked with in the past (view the previous post Here). As soon as they contacted me, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them again.
Although their website is a little tricky to work with, if you're patient or on the hunt for some hidden gems, I can guarantee you will find something you love for pennies. (Discount code at bottom of the post, to make sure you save every penny)

I have fallen in love with their collection of false eyelashes, they have such a big collection it can be a little daunting at first but if your patient and flick through the pages you will find the prettiest, cheapest packs of lashes. The lashes I recieved this time came in a pack of 5 for £4.57, which I think is definitely a bargain. I have spent at least £5 on one pair in the past and always find they don't fit my bug eyes comfortable. However, this is my 3rd pack from Nurbesten and I have not a single problem. I can't imagine buying lashes from anywhere else in the near future. I've genuinely never had lashes that sit so nicely on me. I have had so many compliments on my eyelashes when wearing them. View lashes HERE.

The second item I was sent to review was this beautiful set of 12 lip liners. Okay, let's just take a minute to appreciate the colour range in this collection. I spy with my little eye tonnes of autumnal shades.YAY.  This complete set retails at £2.55, yes you read that right. Nurbesten offer such affordable makeup and whilst I can't vouch for every item being amazing, I can definitely recommend these lip liners. In any collection, high end or low end, you will always find there is always that one colour you will never use however, I do find these lip liners are all really wearable colours. The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that they are not completely true to colour, what I mean by this is that the colours on the bottom of the pencil that indicates the shades aren't the most accurate. However, I can deal with that because they do wear really well and come on they cost £2.55. View liners HERE.

Lastly, I was sent these eyeliners which can double up as lip liners. I wasn't sure on these at first but I am completely obsessed with them now. They are all metallic, the photos do not do them justice, but they are gorgeous. I've been wearing the 1st shade and 3rd shade on my lips. They give off the prettiest metallic lip, whilst not feeling drying or uncomfortable at all. I don't think I will get a huge amount of use out of the brighter colours but when I swatched them they look gorgeous, they are really bright and metallic, unlike the other liners these really are true to colour and genuinely work well on the lips and eyes. This 12 set costs £10.41, which is a little pricier than a majority of the items stocked by Nurbesten but I think they are worth it. View liners HERE.

As I have already mentioned Nurbesten really isn't the easiest site to work with and your not always guaranteed great products, that being said, if your happy to do your research and spend a little time flicking through pages to find what you want then you will definitely find some real beauty steals (Particularly in the eyelash department).

As always even though I was gifted these items all opinions are my own. If you like the look of any of these products or anything on Nurbesten make sure to use my 10% discount code.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have or are planning on trying out some of their products.


Monday, 17 October 2016


Whenever I shop I'm always on the look for timeless pieces, I believe simplicity is beautiful. Taking something simple and adding accessories to it can completely change a look in minutes. As a mum it is these timeless pieces I rely on in the mornings, as we all know time is precious so anything that makes my day run that little bit easier is always welcomed. 

When Wood Watches sent me my unique watch, I just knew I had to style it. I don't usually do many fashion posts because I've struggled with the way I look, but I am a massive lover of fashion and I refuse to let my insecurities over take my dreams and seriously I've been wearing this watch everyday so I wanted to show you guys how I style it.

(Giveaway is at bottom of the post)
When picking what to wear my main concerns are that it is quick & easy to style, it looks fashionable and I feel comfortable in it. This white shirt dress from Misspap is exactly that, it is my go to outfit whenever I'm in doubt, but you definitely have to add a few accessories to it so you don't just look like you've stolen your partners shirt. I've paired it with a gorgeous small tanned bag in one photo and a larger black bag in another, mainly to show you how versatile this look can be. (Both bags are from Kurt Geiger).
My whole outfit is styled with this beautiful watch in mind, it is the Frankie Zebra & Champagne wood watch and I think its safe to say I am well and truly obsessed. When I opened it the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells so natural and woody and really pleasant. Then the second thing I noticed was the packaging. I was so impressed with, JORD Wood Watches  they really have gone above and beyond with the finer details. I was really impressed with the box the watch come in as I thought it could double up as a jewellery box, It will also looks gorgeous on my dressing table.

The watch is completely unique to anything I have seen before and their collection is just beautiful.(view complete collection here)

I love the effort that must go into each and every watch. I have been really excited about styling this watch as I know its going to work with everything over the Autumn and Winter months. I'm really picky when it comes to watches because I want something thats going to sit comfortable on my wrist without pinching my skin and being to bulky. Luckily this watch is extremely comfortable to wear and just hugs my wrist without any pinching. It also feels really light on my wrist and I completely forget I'm even wearing it most of the time.

I'm completely obsessed with the champagne coloured face, it ties in so beautifully with the Zebrawood. The most important thing about this watch to me is whenever I wear it, it feels special and luxurious. It always seems to add that extra something to an outfit. The watch is also water resistant which is exactly what you need when you face the English weather.

Time for the exciting bit....
If you would like to enter the giveaway click the link below, you will receive a $20 voucher to spend at Wood Watches just for entering. If you win, you will receive  a $75 voucher to spend at Wood Watches. You can view the full collection HERE and to take part in the giveaway click ENTER (giveaway ends 13/11/16)

Wooden Watch Review
(Yes Woodwatches kindly gifted me this watch, but all opinions are honest and my own)


Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I was recently contacted by SkinnyMint who kindly offered me the chance to try out their 28 day Teatox. I received their Morning Boost Tea and their Night Cleanse Tea. I figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally tweak my eating habits. For the most part I eat fairly healthy but I just have a tendency to over indulge on the weekend.

SkinnyMint is not a diet and it is not a quick fix, you won't become skinny overnight just from drinking the tea. SkinnyMint advise you to have a healthy and balanced diet and to exercise frequently. The Teatox is to simply, soothe your tummy, nourish your body and appress your appetite. 

The second SkinnyMint contacted me I naturally  headed straight to their website to do my research. One of my favourite things about SkinnyMint is their "Wellbeing" section. They have great blog posts with tips, inspiration and even recipes! They really have put a lot of effort into making this Teatox work for people. Whenever I'm having a day of doubt and feel like I'm going to cave in I will be referring to their website for a boost of will power. Also me and Chloe at SkinnyMint have been emailing back and fourth and she's lovely, so quick to respond and willing to answer any questions I may need answering.

Along with your Teatox you will receive a leaflet with tips, clean eating snack ideas and a journey calendar. The journey calendar provides you with goals for you to tick off daily.

I figured I would share some of my goals and objectives with you.

My 3-month objectives;
Health goal: Continue to eat clean and discovery new healthy recipes.
Fitness goal: Start a weekly exercise schedule.
Personal goal: Be able to fit into my favourite pre-pregnancy outfit.

My 28-day objectives;
Health goal: Make healthy meal/snack choices.
Fitness goal: Be able to ride 10 miles on my exercise bike (I currently do 5).
Personal goal: See visible results from the 28 dat Teatox.

My daily objectives;
Health goal: Cut out the cappuccino.
Fitness goal: Go for a walk even if it is just round the block.
Personal goal: Keep my self inspired.

So as of Monday 10th October I started the 28 day Teatox so I will keep you guys updated on a weekly basis of how my Teatox is going. For any more information on this please click here.

In the next few weeks expect to see posts about how the tea makes me feel, how the tea tastes and my honest opinion on if the the Teatox has made a difference.

(By NO means am I a professional at giving advice on health and fitness. Opinions expressed are solely my own and are my personal preference)


Thursday, 6 October 2016


I love writting and reading monthly goal type posts, even if I don't stick to them. Unfortunately life wasn't on my side in September and for every goal I wanted to achieve there were 10 obstacles standing in my way, but thats life and this month I'm determined to get anything done that was on last months goal list as well as my October goals. So for those interested here are my goals for this month.

  • Find/Comment on more blogs
  • Create a meal plan every week 
  • Have a me day
  • Find new blog props
  • Go au natural, try to put no heat on my hair.
  • Complete all to do lists
  • Moisturise daily
  • Drink less coffee
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time
  • Complete one task I've been putting off
  • Reach 2k on Instagram.
What are some goals you've set yourself this month? Let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I have a bad habit of always buying new makeup products and then using them once and going back to my all time favourites. However September was a little different. Although I have a good few all time faves in this post, I have also discovered a fair few newbies that I am utterly obsessed with.

Check out what I've been loving in September.

OneNyx Soft Matte Lip Cream
As always I'm late on the bandwagon. I usually try to avoid impulse purchases and try to put a lot of thought into what I do purchase, I usually read a 100 reviews before I actually take the plunge and buy something new, no matter how small or big. However I have seen a tonne of bloggers, makeup junkies and friends raving about the lip creams and at last I tried one and I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda obsessed. I then went back to purchase more, I almost brought every colour before realising they had a massive colour range! I will defiantly be picking up more without a doubt.(shop here)

Two: Nars Orgasm Blush
Okay, so admittedly I've been loving this for the past few months and have been wearing it everyday since I brought it and yes I should be moving on to my more autumnal blushes, but I can't. This blush is just a dream. It is the perfect pink with a golden glow and I'm seriously obsessed(shop here)

Three: Nars Creamy Concealer 
Again I have been wearing this every day for the past few months and literally the day I first tested it, it completely replaced my old, all time fave Mac Pro Longwear. While I still love Pro Longwear for blemishes and stuff nothing quite beats Nars Creamy Concealer under the eyes. It is so brightening and I won't say it does'nt crease because I find all concealers crease on me because the shape of my eye, but it is the closest thing to not creasing as possible.(shop here)

Four: Mua Luxe Liquid Lacquers
I picked a few up towards the end of the month and have been loving them! They are only £3. The packaging is beautiful and looks high end and the actual product is great. The only problem with them is that towards the end of the day they can get a little bitty and uncomfortable on the lip, but I find that with most long lasting lip products anyway.(shop here)

Five: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
I'm not going to lie, it wasn't love at first sight. In fact the first time I used it I really wasn't keen at all. However I believe in second chances, so thats exactly what I done. I gave the product a second go and as I had hoped I fell head over heels for the mascara! I've used it ever since and think I may need to purchase the full-size. I always test mascaras firstly without curling my lashes and then with and I think the only reason I didn't like it at first was because it doesn't add much curl to the lashes but my lashes never really hold a curl so I kind of expected that.(shop here)

Six: Clarisonic Mia 2
I have always loved my Clarisonic, but while I was pregnant I had a very love/hate relationship with it. It either helped with my blemishes or seriously dehydrated my skin. Now my hormones are slowly getting back to normal, I can defiantly say we have re-kindled our love affair. (shop here)

Seven: Olaplex Hair Treatment
This month was the first month I had the Olaplex treatment, I loved it so much I had it twice!
I know some people have said they don't notice an immediate difference, but I defiantly did. My hair felt silky smooth. I have done a full post about my hair colour and this treatment which you can find here if you would like to know more.(view website)

Eight: Morphe 35O M/S
Obviously these two palettes were going to be in my favourites! They are perfect for autumn and creating pretty much any smokey eye. I am yet to do a full review and swatches. I don't need to bang on about how amazing these palettes are because everyone else is and it is kind of annoying for anyone that can't get there hands on them.(shop here)

Nine: Nyx Brow Gel & Pomade
I have loved both these products since day one. I switch between them depending on my mood that day. I find with the brow gel you can create a really strong brow and with the pomade you can create a more natural brow (although you could create both with either one this is just my preference). If you love ABH brow pomade then I'd defiantly suggest trying the NYX brow pomade as I have seen a tonne of comparison posts and many people have suggested they are nearly identical.(shop tame& frame) (shop brow gel)

Ten: Mac Soft And Gentle
I am a massive fan of The balms maryloumanizer, but I figured it was time to test something new out.
I had read so many reviews about this and everyone who was pale recommended it! So I figured I would try it. When I first tried it I wasn't a fan. It is not as smooth as maryloumanizer and defiantly has bigger chunks of glitter. However once I figured out what brushes to use with it and how to apply it, I loved it. It is exactly as the name suggest "Soft And Gentle"(shop here)

Here are a few products I've been loving this month. What have you been loving?

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