Monday, 28 November 2016


I am so determined to get into the Christmas spirit and stay in the Christmas spirit for as long as I possibly can. However I always think you have to do a few little things to get into the Christmas spirit. I've put together a few of my favourite things to do to help me feel a little more festive.

One: Decorate
I've already put my tree up, I just couldn't help myself. It is Amelia's first Christmas and my first Christmas in my own place so I just really want to enjoy every moment of it, even if I am the twat that puts their tree up in November. I always find getting my tree up and the decorations out instantly make me feel super festive. Don't forget to pick up some Christmasy scented candles and room spray!

Two: Christmas Movies
Have a Christmas movie marathon. Nothing screams Christmas like a movie marathon. I love watching Home Alone at Christmas time. I also love Elf but any Christmasy film/program helps get me in the festive mood.

Three: Festive Songs
Play every single Christmas song you can possibly think of! Seriously it makes you feel super festive and I always feel happy when I'm singing along to my favourite festive songs.

Four: Christmas Days Out
Get out. Come November time every place turns into a Christmasy day out. I personally love going to Christmas markets or going Christmas tree/decoration shopping. I always find getting out around Christmas time really helps me feel positive and feel ready to conquer Christmas time.

Five: Be Positive And Organised
It is so easy to get stressed out around Christmas time, thinking about presents, food, money. Whatever you are stressing about try to stay organised and on top of things to reduce stress and try to stay positive and motivated, keep reminding yourself of the outcome in the end, whether it is giving a special gift to a loved one or getting to enjoy Christmas dinner or just spending time with your family, whatever it is your looking forward keep reminding yourself.

What gets you into the festive mood?


Saturday, 19 November 2016


I know Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure I will be adding a few Christmas Wish Lists but I couldn't help it, I had to put a little winter wish list up! Don't worry I'm going to keep it quick.

Topshop Teddy Robe RRP£32.00
Who doesn't love a dressing gown? This dressing gown is so cute and just looks seriously cosy. I can just imagine wrapping myself up in this robe of goodness. My current bright pink, shrunk and bobbly robe needs an upgrade.

Chloe Faye Leather And Suede Satchel RRP£1,280
A girl can dream right? I don't know what it is but handbags and shoes always get me. They are my guilty pleasure, if I could have one expensive item it would either be a really nice pair of shoes or a handbag. I have been admiring this handbag for quite some time now so obviously it had to make it onto my winter wish list.

New Look Grey Suedette Ankle Boots RRP£29.99
I picked these up in black when they had them for £15.00 for one day and I am so gutted I didn't get them in grey. They fit lovely, the look lovely and they are actually really comfortable. I love just throwing on a pair of black jeans and a big turtle neck jumper and adding these to feel a little more  put together.

New Look Oversize White Jumper RRP£19.99
I just love anything oversized, white and warm so obviously this was bound to make it into my wish list! It is gorgeous and I pretty much live in turtle neck jumpers this time of year. I am completely and utterly obsessed. 

New Look Pink Turtle Neck Jumper RRP£9.99
You know when you love an item so much you buy it in every colour? Well yeah I'm always guilty of that. This turtle neck is gorgeous and affordable I've already got it in nude, black and grey and now I want this gorgeous blush colour. I have also realised they have a gorgeous burnt orange shade, I'll take that one too thanks.

Accessorize Bunny Slippers RRP£12:00
I love slippers, fluffy socks and anything that keeps my feet cosy in the cold and these were to cute to not add to my wish list. The quirkier the slipper the better in my opinion.

Tom Dixon Candle Set RRP£80.00
Okay can we just take a minute please. This candle set is just gorgeous, everyone is loving silver, gold and rose gold at the moment so it would be silly to not be in love with these right? Yes they are a little pricey but surely they would be worth it? Once the candles have burnt down surely you could use the pots for makeup brushes right?

Topshop Pom-Pom Hat RRP£14.00
I love Pom-Pom hats even though I look like a bit of an idiot in them. I always hope I'm going to look really cute and sassy but I just look like a twat but that still doesn't stop me from buying more. (insert monkey embarassed face here).

What is on your winter wish list? Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 16 November 2016


I don't like to be to negative on my blog because no one likes a Moany Murtle, but seriously Birchbox? This box was just a little sucky. Don't get me wrong I think this is possibly the cutest design yet and perhaps I set my hopes a little high after seeing other peoples boxes. God knows. Either way this was a dispointing month for me.

Bbrowbar RRP£13.00 
The fullsize apparently retails at £13.00 but you can purchase it here for £6.30. I didn't even bother testing this product as it was way to light and wasn't even a close match unfortunately. I think it is always a little risky when subscription boxes do any products that need to be colour matched.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar RRP £15.00
I've heard people talk about this product a little but it didn't exactly over excite me. To be honest my lipstick usually stays on quite well and if it does come off, I'm okay with re-applying it. Anyway, I still thought I'd test it out and to be completely honest I haven't noticed a huge difference in how my lipstick sits or how long it lasts, it is fairly hydrating but I don't think it does enough to make me want to purchase it again.

NUXE Creme Prodigieuse RRP£21.00
I acutally always tend to enjoy using NUXE products, I think they always do quite nice and fairly affordable products so when I saw this in my box I was happy to see something I'd actually use. The cream is hydrating and I found my make up sits smoothly on top of it, it makes a great cream for an everyday use.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator RRP£25.50
Luckily I fake tan on a weekly basis because this product was super dark and I was shocked to see it in my box after selecting "fair"  when I signed up for Birchbox. Anyway, like I said luckily I fake tan weekly and this colour was the perfect shade for me when I'm tanned. I have quickly fallen in love with this product, it has got great coverage whilst still looking really glowy and natural. I will 100% be buying the fullsize of this.

Beauty Protector Protect And Blonde Toning Shampoo RRP£18.50
I love purple shampoo to help maintain my blonde hair so I was excited to try this, however I've managed to get one use out of it and its pretty much gone which kind of sucks. However I did really like using this and it did help tone my hair and I also love that it is paraben free.

I feel like I've really struggled to write this post because I just didn't feel excited to write it. This months Birchbox has made me think about canceling my Birchbox subscription all together. I mean the products I recieved this month werent horrible but the samples were all tiny, the shades wrong and I just don't think there was any effort put into personalising my box. Last month they also sent me the wrong box which I didn't mind because luckily I loved the products but if there going to ask you to tell them your birthday, if your fair or what colour your hair is, then they should make sure the efforts are put in to personalising the boxes. 

I think I'm going to see what next months box holds and then decide whether or not I will continue with Birchbox, I really hope they suprise me with something amazing next month. (Fingers Crossed)


Sunday, 13 November 2016


I think all bloggers at one stage or another doubt themselves, their talents and their significance in the world of blogging. Whether you're dubious of your photos, writing style or just your ability to get a post out on time, blogging has the ability to "take it out of you". I am a perfectionist and sometimes I can spend 3 hours taking photos and dislike each and every one. I think 90% of bloggers would admit they have been in this situation a number of times. I do really enjoy blogging and taking photos but unfortunately, it is hard not to compare your photos with others. So I just wanted to talk about it, about my photos and how they've changed and how I wish to perhaps improve them.

"It looks like a child's craft project"
My photos have dramatically improved over the last few months and I should be proud of them, However, I feel like I've been stuck in a bubble of doubt, I know I've come a long way and I know I have a long way to go but I can't help but doubt myself. I feel like I am going through a phase of figuring out my photo style. Am I the queen of flatlays? Nope. Am I a pro at capturing "in the moment photos?" Nope. I'm working through all these factors and feel like I'm closer to finding my "photo style" but not quite there yet. Sometimes I place everything perfectly on a beautiful background and it works beautifully, then I look back at it and it looks like a child's craft project. 

I'm just trying to figure it all out, I don't have a natural gift to capture something and make it beautiful, it takes a lot of time and effort for me. I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to photography, lighting, and editing. I'm still learning my camera manual settings which is a task in itself. 

I know this post may seem a little obsessive but I treat my blog like a job and I've always had the oomph in me to work hard and do my best and whenever I'm not 100% satisfied with my work it does get to me. However, I refuse to let it be an issue and I will definitely research every little thing to figure out exactly how I want my photos. 

Anywhoo enough with the chit chat , now its time to have a little laugh at some of my older photos.
(some are really bad, some really old and some not as bad but just not my style anymore) Please excuse the fact that each photo is a different shape/size.

As you can see I've come a long way (insert crying laughing face here). 
I don't really know what point I was trying to make with this post, I just felt like I needed to explain myself and my photos. I hope you've enjoyed it anyway! and let me know in the comments below if your guilty of over thinking, over analyzing your blog.


Wednesday, 9 November 2016


If you read my Octobers Birch Box review you would know there was a hair serum from Number4haircare (See Birchbox review here). I literally poured my heart out and confessed how much I enjoyed using it and how I wanted to try some other products from their line and Number4haircare kindly featured my review on their Instagram and website which I was absolutely chuffed with. They then went on to say that as a thank you, they would like to send me a reconstruction mask to try. Needless to say, I was thrilled! I was desperate to try this mask as I had become fond of their hair serum.

On arrival, I noticed they had sent me much more than just the reconstruction mask which was amazing. In total, they sent me 4 products and by this point, I was feeling more and more eager to wash my hair. 

Although these products are new to me, I have noticed an impressive difference in a short period of time and I really do believe it takes something incredible to be able to grasp my attention from the get-go. If you haven't read what I said about the serum check it out here and if you would like to know about the products I received then please continue reading.

 Reconstruction Masque RRP £46.89

This was the product I was most excited about, I am always looking for hair products that help restore, reconstruct and strengthen my hair. I have read into this product a fair bit and loved the ingredients and the science behind it.  
"Head over heels in love"
This product blew me away, seriously. When applying the product it just glided through my hair, working its magic on every single strand. I decided to leave it on over night and rinse my hair in the morning. On awakening and showering the next day I was in a blissful heaven of soft tresses. I am head over heels in love with this mask and will 100% purchase it time and time again. If you wish to read more about the ingredients check it out here, you won't be disappointed.

I decided to use this straight after using the reconstruction masque, although it probably wasn't necessary I couldn't help myself. Anything that claims to repair split ends, dryness and frizz are automatically appealing to me and it did not disappoint! My hair felt amazing but it also looked smooth and frizz-free, I don't have particularly frizzy hair but I usually suffer from fly aways and I seriously had such a "good hair day" when using this. Again, great ingredients and great science behind this product but you can read about all of that here.

" Good hair day every day" 
I'm usually not one for blow dry lotions or anything like that but I love the fact this lotion provide thermal protection. It also helps to dry the hair up 30-50% faster. So not only is my hair silky soft, it's also protected, smoother and just all together better. This collection of products means I can have a good hair day every day. For all the details of this product click here.

Last but by no means least, this little gem arrived in my gift. This lightweight leave-in conditioner works at detangling hair, protecting the color whilst providing UV protection. You can also use it just to add a little shine to your hair. I am obsessed with this, whenever my hair needs a little "spruce up" I spray a little bit and it just brings my hair to life. Again all ingredients and science can be found here.

Combining these products together on my hair has been a real game changer, I am truly obsessed and 100% impressed by everything Number4haircare have provided me. I will 100% repurchase each and every item and will also be trying a number of their other products including this hairbrush, their Clarifying shampoo and pretty much everything else on their website! They also have a beautiful collection of gifts/kits which you can view here.

Also, all products are, 100% vegan, gluten free, sulfate & sodium chloride free and paraben free (read brand values here).

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products as a thank you. I was not obliged to talk about any of these products, all opinions are honest and my own as always.


Monday, 7 November 2016


Can we just take a minute to appreciate the packaging... and breath. Yes it is pretty god damn dreamy. Once I started opening it, it automatically felt luxurious. The little white box with Mintd printed beautifully in gold, the box is filled with tissue paper and to top it off it is all wrapped up in a white ribbon. It's just a dream, its the little details and effort gone into this box that makes it special.

Mintd isn't your typical subscription box, with Mintd you can choose a monthly or bi-monthly subscription, with each box you receive 4-5 full/deluxe sized luxury products. Novembers box retails at £65 but you receive £153 worth of premium products that are stoked in Harrods, Selfridges, Net a porter and Liberty London. Mintd work with the most respected brands to ensure you receive the most innovative and high quality products that are hand picked and tailored to you. Mintd box are also offering 10% off your first box using promo code:10OFF1STDO

Novembers box is themed 'Winter Skincare Hydration'. The second I heard the theme I was excited! There is nothing better than giving your skin a little treat, especially when the temperate drops. 
If you want to know more about Mintd box click here

Please find below my full reveal and review of Novembers box.

I've never really tried a luxury shower cream, I usually use Carex shower cream because lets face it thats a little more budget friendly. However I was not disappointed with African Botanics, I didn't exactly have high expectations at first but when using it I fell in love. The scent, the feeling, just everything. The ingredients are just amazing in this product, crushed Baobab fruit and ancient volcanic lava minerals to gently polish, refine and revitalise the skin. Tonnes of great ingredients which are antioxidant rich and great for boosting circulation, purifying the skin and even helps to tighten and tone the skin. This shower cream retails at £41, but I defenitely think you are getting what you pay for.

I'm usually not a lover of sheet masks but occasionally I find one that I really love and this trio of masks really stood out to me. The Exfoliate Flash Masque felt smoothing and refreshing on my skin and left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and soft. The Hydrate Flash Masque was my favourite of the 3 and one I wish to repurchase. My skin is on the dryer side so I'm always looking for something to hydrate my skin. My face felt fresh and hydrated after using this mask. The last mask the Illuminate Flash Masque was nice as well, although I don't feel like my look and more luminous after use. They all smell similar, a very light fresh scent. They also felt comfortable on the skin and didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all. Definitely a big thumbs up from me. These retail at £21 which is a little pricey for sheet masks but for the Hydrate Flash Masque alone I think it is worth it.

When the Winter comes it is extra important to take care of your lips. I find my lips always get a little neglected so when this came in my box I was determined to give my lips the tender, love and care they deserve. This product was a little difficult to get my finger in properly and actually get product out but when I did and applied it to my lips it felt creamy and hydrated. It sat comfortably on my lips without leaving a sticky residue. It does exactly what it claims to do and leaves your lips feeling moisturised, supple and smooth. It retails at £16, I definitely think it is worth it as this product will last a really long time and its a great treat to have in your stash.

I had really high hopes for these gloves. I wash my hands to much and always find my hands quickly become dry and sore, so when I saw these were in my box I was thrilled. I've never tried this brand and was excited to try this product. I decide to have a pamper one evening when my hands were really bad to the point they were red, sore and had smalls cracks. After using the gloves I noticed a dramatic difference in my hands immediately. However the next day after a few washes my hands were quickly back to being battered. I do like these gloves and I think they are a little treat but if your hands are severely dry like mine they are something you would probably have to use daily or every other day and at £28 for a set of 3 it could quickly become expensive. I think I would repurchase these but they definetly be a treat once in a blue moon.

Last but not least Evidens Rich Cream. This was my favourite product in the box. From the first use I fell in love with this cream. My skin has been really dry, dehydrated and lacking lustre for the last few months and after using this once my skin felt dramatically changed. I have never tried something that has had such an amazing impact on my skin. Now after using it for nearly 2 weeks my skin is just completely different, it feels smooth and looks like its got some life back. When I realised that the travel size of this cream was £47 I was a little gutted as its not exactly budget friendly but if you love luxury products and have a little extra money to spend I 100% recommend this product. I believe the full size retails at £213 which is kind of devastating for me. I thought I'd found my perfect face moisturiser, my ride or die and then I saw the price tag and that is just not in my budget unfortunately, however if it was in my budget I'd be repurchasing it as we speak.

Overall, I am so impressed with Mintd Box they have gone above and beyond and I have enjoyed every moment of my experience and couldn't recommend them enough. I love that it gives me the opportunity to test high-end, luxury products that I wouldn't usually have the opportunity to try.

Disclaimer: I was sent this box to review, however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Whats your favourite product? What do you want to try? Let me know in the comments.


Sunday, 6 November 2016


Every month is a fresh start if last month wasn't your month then make sure you "own it" this month. I love the beginning of a new month, I like to treat every month like a new year. I always find it gives me that push to keep me motivated, it gives me that rush of creativity that I love and that is why I set myself monthly goals. Here are some of the goals I have set myself for November...

  • Always have 3 backup blog posts for "rainy days"
  • Clear out kitchen cupboards
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Learn something new
  • Have more hot chocolate
  • Read a book
  • Be productive/creative
  • Learn to juggle/plan blog posts better 
  • Post on Instagram stories/Snapchat more
  • Start prepping Christmas posts! eeekkK!
Have you set yourself goals this month? Let me know in the comments below.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016


I feel like October has disappeared before my eyes. I've been meaning to write this post for the past 2 weeks or so ,but I've just not had time, so I apologise for it being so late. However I didn't want to miss it out completely, so better late than never right?

Octobers Glossybox has been created in collaboration with beauty and lifestyle vlogger and blogger Estee Lalonde. It's always exciting when a blogger collaborates with a company to unmask some of their favourite products.

I really enjoyed this months box. There was a good range of makeup and skincare, but you can judge for yourself.

 Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait In Exotic Fruits RRP:£12.95
I've never heard of this brand before but instantly fell in love with the shade of this lipstick. I swatched it on my hand and it felt smooth and creamy but it's definitely not a highly pigmented lipstick its more like a light buttery sheen. It's infused with vitamin E which makes it really hydrating. Typically I wouldn't buy this kind of product and I haven't had an awful lot of use out of it if I'm honest but It's nice when I just want to add something pretty to my lips on those "no makeup, makeup kind of days".

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Concentrate RRP:£25.00 

I've read numerous reviews on this product all good might I add, so naturally, when I saw this in my box I was excited to try it out. The bottle I received was tiny and I've almost used it up. I like the serum, a little goes a long way and it does leave your skin feeling soft, however, I'm not sure I have noticed any visible improvements in my skin and considering it retails at £25 per bottle I had expected a more noticeable difference. That being said I do enjoy using it ,and It does leave my skin feeling smooth & hydrated, but I feel that when you receive a sample size products, it's always difficult to  judge the long-term effects it could have on your skin, as you don't get quite enough product to trial. 

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush Lip&Cheek duo RRP:£15.00 
This was the item that surprised me the most. I've never heard of this brand and I really didn't have high expectations for this blush/lip stain. I never wear cream blush, It just doesn't sit nicely on my makeup, I always find it rubs half my foundation off and just makes my face look a little "all over the place". However, I swatched this on my hand and was amazed at the colour, pigmentation and overall application. The shade reminded me of Nars orgasm but in a cream form which I loved. It's the first cream blush that sits nicely over my makeup and I'm 100% convinced to try more products from this brand.

Beegood Honey&Camelina Facial Exfoliator RRP £10.50 
I don't exfoliate my face very often anymore, I use my Clarisonic daily and that works for me. I always find exfoliators can be quite drying and can irritate my sensitive skin. However, I've used this a couple of times and It doesn't irritate my skin or dry my skin out. In fact, It leaves my skin feeling quite moisturised and for £10.50 I think I will definitely be purchasing it again.

PS...PRO Graphic Eyeliner RRP:£3.00 

I know some people were a little disappointed to see a primark product in this months glossybox, however, I didn't mind as I have tried a few primark products now and am really impressed with them, but when I saw this particular item I was disappointed. I don't tend to wear liquid eyeliner very often at all so that's mainly why & I know it's a "graphic eyeliner" but I feel like the only think you could create with this eyeliner would be a hot mess. The product nib of the product was very thick and therefore difficult to work with.

New Beauty Shampoo

 I loved the idea behind this product. Basically, this was a "mystery" product. It was unbranded so we didn't know what we was trying. The idea of this was to test the shampoo out without judging it by its brand, packaging etc. Immediately when testing it out, it smelt familiar , I couldn't quite suss out what it was but I knew it was a drugstore brand. However It smells amazing, and it left my hair feeling amazing and then it was later revealed that it was a head and shoulders shampoo. I wasn't actually shocked as I kind of expected it, I'm not really a "hair snob" so I'm happy to test the waters when it comes to hair care.

I was really impressed with this box, I feel like I've discovered a bunch of products  which I would not have purchased otherwise. I hope you've enjoyed it and let me know if you are thinking about signing up to glossybox, or if you already have a monthly subscription, what's your favourite product so far?

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