Saturday, 17 December 2016


I seriously can not believe next weekend is Christmas. I feel like this year has just passed before me. I must admit I'm looking forward to entering a new year, although 2016 has been my best year yet (thanks to having my bubba) I feel really excited to find out what 2017 has in store for me.  Anyway, here is a little look inside December's Glossybox.

I think essence do some really affordable and good quality items and this palette doesn't disappoint. Whilst I don't think I will be reaching for this on a daily basis, I do think its a great product for anyone starting out. It sat nicely on my skin, it was well pigmented and gave me a lovely glow. However I did find there was tiny chunks of glitter in and for me this did put me off a little. Also, I'm not sure what the far right shade was meant to do, I assumed it was a bronzer as it was completely matte, but this literally did not show up on my skin at all.

When I opened my box and saw this inside I was excited to test it out as I had previously seen them on Glossybox. However when I took the lid off I automatically knew I wasn't going to like the colour or texture of these lipsticks. I know that sounds crazy but it looks really grey to me and also looked really dry and when I tested it out it literally was awful to apply. I don't even suffer from dry lips but this made my lips look dry and bitty and the shade did not suit me at all. To think that this lipstick is more expensive that Mac just shocks me. In fact, I've tried lipsticks from Essence for £1.00 that were a massive improvement from this formula. Of course, everyone is different but this just did not work for me.

I've never really been a fan of gosh, I'm not really sure why its not like I've had a bad experience with any of their products but I've also never used any of their products and been blown away. So when I saw this I wasn't overly excited, I thought the shade was pretty and swatched it on my hand and it looked beautiful but after two minutes or so it was pretty much gone. However, I still figured I would use it on my eyes with a primer and it looked really pretty but again when I went back later on it was gone. I wouldn't buy this again because I didn't really think anything of it, not good nor bad. It just sat in the middle as an okay product and for me to re-purchase something I want it to be WOW. 
I'm so glad I got the browcote rather than lipcote. I don't ever really have problems with my lipstick lasting and I don't find it an issue to have to re-apply a lipstick if it does fade so for me lip primers, lip cotes just seem a little pointless. But a browcote, now that's something I'm going to use daily. I literally put brow gel on daily just to help tame my brows a bit and help keep my brows in place so when this diddy one come in my Glossybox I was so happy because it is perfect for on the go. I find it works well at taming my brows without making them feel tight or restricted if that makes any sense. It is also waterproof which I love and super affordable! I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future.

I always get my nails done now so I can't exactly give you my views on this. However, I've tried Revlon nail varnishes before and have enjoyed the formula. Also, this shade is just beautiful it's literally a perfect nude.

 I think Glossybox really put a lot of thought into this box. I love the fact they made it an all makeup box and tried to give you enough products to create or nearly create a look with the products inside. I also loved the packaging and whilst I wasn't in love with every product I feel like so many other people would have loved every item. I have just grown out of certain products and brands and have become fond of others.  I'm debating whether to continue with my Glossybox and Birchbox not because I'm disappointed or anything I just have found myself reaching for higher end products recently. 

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? If so let me know what ones and your thoughts in the comments below. 


Monday, 12 December 2016


So this isn't exactly Christmasy but I thought it was perfect for the party season. There is nothing worst than making last minute plans and realising you haven't had time to tan, of course, if your not into tanning that is fine. I never used to tan and now I tan on a weekly basis because this tanning routine is seriously so quick and easy

Prep is key:
Sorry to bore you with the whole prep is key malarky but, it really is. I know everyone tells you time and time again that preparing for your tan is the most important step, but I just feel like this needs to be emphasised. You can not create a flawless tan without seriously prepping your skin, here is a checklist of the steps you should take before tanning:

one: Exfoliate. I personally like using exfoliating mitts for this, it is cheap and you won't risk ruining your tan by having a sticky or scrubby residue left on you. Plus you can literally buy them anywhere. Mine are from Tesco and cost me £1.00.

two: Shave. Everyone usually recommends you shave the day before you tan but, that's not always an option and if you're anything like me my legs on day 2 are no longer smooth and I just find rubbing a mitt over prickly legs can cause irritation so I personally shave the same day I tan and just give my legs half hour or so after a shower and I never get any issues.

three: Cream. Apply cream to your hands, knees and ankles. If you suffer from dry skin anywhere else also apply it to that area as well. Try using a cream that is fragrance-free, light and colour/glitter free.

Applying the tan:
one: Pick your tan. I decided to go for the Bondi Sands liquid gold, it is reasonably priced I picked it up from boots for £6.50 on a deal but it is currently retailing for £10. I like this tan because it is easy to apply, you can apply it and go out without looking patchy. It develops within 2/3 hours but can be left on overnight for a darker tan. The colour is also beautiful and I just find it really easy to work with. The tan also fades nicely and evenly.

two: Start top to bottom. For me I find starting from my neck downwards works best. I've tried starting with my legs but I just end up in a mess. So I'd always say work downwards.

three: Use a mitt. Always use a mitt to avoid orange hands. Gently buff in the tan and skim over your knees, feet and hands with a leftover product. If you're applying fake tan to your face, neck or somewhere tricky trying using a makeup buffing brush.

four: Leave to develop. Once applied wait a few minutes and throw on some baggy clothes then wait for it develop. If you're going to sleep with your tan on and want to avoid getting your bed sheets ruined I really recommend using a Tanzee. It's basically a silky sleeping bag to protect your bedsheets. It is super soft and spacious so you don't have to worry about being uncomfy in it. It seriously is such a simple yet effective idea. Also keep an eye out because I will be giving away a Tanzee over on my Instagram. 

five: Wash it off.  This is my fave part, when you wash it off don't use a loafer just use your hands. Some people recommend just rinsing your tan with just water but for me, I have to use a body wash to remove the smell. I just use a tiny bit and gently rub it over my tan using my hands.

six: Moisturise. If you want your tan to last and fade evenly, moisturising is really important. Keeping your skin hydrated and your "base" smooth means it will fade evenly and also means next time you go to tan the whole process will be easier.


one: Do not skip the prep (seriously, your tan is only as good as the base it has to work with)

two: Do not apply deodorant or perfume directly to your skin before tanning, or until tan is washed off 

three: If you apply to much tan and it peels, try pressing the tan in as buffing it will only cause the peeling to grow.

four: Do not apply tan to your hands always use what is left over from the mitt.

five: Use Vaseline or Sudocrem as a barrier cream to the hairline, brows and nails.

six: Fake tan has a tendency to dry out the skin so make sure after tan is washed off you don't forget to moisturise. (This also helps maintain your tan)

seven: Once your tan has faded (after a week) scrub off any remaining tan. I like to give my skin a day tan free and will usually smoother myself in a thick body butter, coconut oil or something really hydrating in order to stop my skin from drying out.

eight: No one ever really talks about maintaining your tan and shaving. I shave my legs probably every other day, yes this means my tan fades quicker but I want my legs to look and feel smooth. If my tan fades after I shave I will just either top up that section with the fake tan or I will use an everyday gradual moisturiser.

Fake tanning can be a hot mess and there is probably going to be times when your tan isn't flawless but like everyone always tells you, practice really does make perfect. Eventually, you just start to figure out how to do your tan and what works and doesn't work for you.

I really hope this has helped someone. Let me know what your top tanning tips are.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Tanzee to review, but all opinions are honest and my own.


Sunday, 11 December 2016


"Christmas in a cup"

Who knew taking a picture of hot chocolate could be such a task? Seriously, this was the best I could do. The cream and candy cane went all over the place. However who can resist a delicious hot chocolate in this cold weather? This peppermint, white chocolate and candy cane hot chocolate is literally Christmas in a cup.

I'd love to tell you that I put one tea spoon of peppermint extract and 3 cups of milk but for me it went a little more like this...

Fill your most festive cup of with milk, then pour this into a sauce pan add 4/5 chunks of white chocolate, if you want yours more chocolatey then add an extra chunk. Drizzle in a little peppermint extract and a some vanilla extract and stir until chocolate is melted and milk is hot. (Do not let chocolate burn at the bottom and do not let milk boil.)

Now for the fun part, crush your candy canes, I found the best way to crush them was to knock them on a hard surface (still in packet), it is a little fiddly and tricky to get out but it works. Make sure you prepare your crushed candy cane before hand as once you've putted the whipped cream on it all starts melting very quickly. You can add whatever you like to your hot chocolate but all I added was some crushed candy cane and whipped cream however, some grated chocolate or marsh mellows would be a nice little extra.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I didn't want it to be a precise recipe because if you know me, I never really follow recipes as such. I just throw stuff together and hope for the best. Let me know if you give it a go, oh and one last thing. Don't forget to take a snap of it!


Friday, 9 December 2016


I'm not certain of what the point of this post is but think of it as my diary or a brief moment inside my head. Although, I'm not sure how many people really want to enter my thoughts, views and head, because in all honesty I'm an over-thinker, seriously I think it's possible if I have one more thought or vision my mind may just combust. Also just to warn you this is a random and rambly post and it's not going to have any order or structure what so ever. (+ I don't even know how it relates to Christmas)

Why I Started & Growing Confidence:
My life is not a fairy tale, in any way, shape or form. I'm a very normal real person and I always feel like it is so easy to get wrapped up in being this online presence that can easily become viewed as something completely different to what or who they really are. Although I don't have the biggest following I have a following of 5000 or so now and to me that is just crazy, I can't believe that amount of people are even interested in me and what I'm doing and I guess this is a thanks. You have giving me the chance to work with some amazing brands and have truly helped my confidence grow, thats why I do this, because I love it. 

More Lifestyle Posts:
Once blogmas is over and all the New Year related posts that everyone does are done and over with I'm thinking about doing a lot more lifestyle posts. My passion is makeup and I adore it in every way but when I write posts that help inspire others I really get a buzz, even if one person reads it and it helps them it literally makes my day.  

Starting Youtube?:
Even writting this scares me, the thought of it just makes me feel nervous and sick as if I'm going to a job interview or something. I'm so apprehensive about even mentioning it because the  fear of people laughing or not approving of it, but I'm done with living my life worrying about what others think of me so when the New Year comes I'm really thinking about starting youtube. I love watching youtube videos and I have for years, I'm not even sure if its something I do want to do but surely if it crosses my mind its worth a go?

Being More Mumsy On My Blog:
Again something I am not really sure on, my blog is about makeup, fashion and lifestyle and I 100% want it to stay that way. That is why I started blogging and what I fell in love with, but I've been thinking about adding a Mummy section to my blog, something light hearted for people to have a read and laugh at, if you watch my snapchat (staceylouisew) then you'd know I kinda love to humour being a Mum. I love my daughter but I am not an overly mumsy mumma.

Figuring Sh*T Out:
I say this all the time but I fall in and out of love with my content and I'm seriously so tired of it! I want to love every single thing I post and feel really proud of it. It is mainly my photos, I feel like I've not fully figured out the direction I'm going with them, I know I'm figuring it out but I'm constantly looking to improve. Seriously if you can reccomend any blogs about photography other than the queen of photograpy Elley Mae that would be a massive help.

Is Being A Perfectionist A Bad Thing?:
I hate being a perfectionist, I'm literally so far from perfect its unreal, so even striving for perfection is stupid but for some reason I keep doing it. 

When People Buy Or Use Dodgy Apps On Insta:
I've really noticed this with a lot of bloggers recently, I think it is obvious when people do it as well, all you have to do is take one look at there followers and see they are all blank photos or dodgy names or something, Don't get me wrong I know that everyone has a good few dodgy names, it is just part of the game but when 90% of them are dodgy... come on. I know this shouldn't bother me because I believe in organic growth but it does, it really does. I find it kind of offensive when me and 100's of other bloggers out there work our arses off. Same applys with likes if your likes are genuine likes you can usually tell. 

Having Highs And Lows:
This isn't really something I talk about on my blog or much with anyone, but I suffer with having really bad high stages and low stages in my life. When I feel high I feel like I can conquer the world, when I'm low I just want to sit on the sofa and pig out. Don't mistaken my highs and lows with depression or post natal depression. I like to think I can deal with it and its very much a apart of life and sometimes I battle with it more than other times. I am a happy person and I'm extremely content with my life but occasionally I just get low, there doesn't always have to be a reason behind it, it just happens and I'm okay with it.

Sorry this picture isn't relevant to this post and sorry its such a random and rambly post I just want to be as real and honest with you as I can be and sometimes that means sharing things I'm not even sure I'm comfortable with sharing.

If you've managed to read this without clicking off it or falling asleep then I hope you've enjoyed, let me know if this is something you actually enjoyed.


Thursday, 8 December 2016


There is something about Christmas time that makes me want to clean, organise and get prepared for the New Year. I always feel like a thorough clear out is a must. I think it is nice to start the year with a clear mind and a clutter free home.  Here is my de-cluttering to do list.

  • Organise clothes, shoes, bags and everything else. Chuck what is old, sell what you can and give some to charity.
  • Clear out old paperwork although paper work is usually out of sight, so out of mind. I try to avoid letting it build up and make sure it doesn't become an over flowing drawer.
  • Have a social media clear out, I always find a random account on my social media that does not relate to me at all, remove it.
  • Clear emails and put emails into appropriate folders.
  • Remove negative, toxic people and relationships from life (luckily for me I did this a long time ago and its the best thing I've ever done).
  • Spring clean entire house from top to bottom.
  • Sort through photos, videos and put into albums or appropriate folders.
  • Clean out drawers and re-organise.
  • Plan ahead work, blog schedules or any other plans so you can have time to relax over Christmas.
  • Get out for more Winter walks and have a break away from phones, computers and all social media to clear you mind.

Let me know what you like to clear out over the Christmas periord in the comments below.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016


My partner is seriously so difficult to buy for. He has everything already and he also has exspensive taste, so I'm sorry if this gift guide isn't completely budget friendly but I've just had to put together a few bits that I and Robbie thought make lovely gifts for the man in your life.

The Watch Snob:
Okay, so this is a pricey one but a really special gift.  I got this for Robbie last year because I really wanted to get him something special that I knew he would really love. The Tag Heuer watches for men are all beautiful but Robbie fell in love with the F1 collection. I really think this would make a lovely gift for someone special, but if your not willing to pay a thousand plus pounds then there are so many brands out there that offer cheaper alternatives.

The One Without A Wallet:
In my eyes Mulberry is always a good idea. I think everything about this brand feels luxurious and I think they do some amazing gifts for men. My partner personally doesn't like a wallet so this card holder and money clip work amazing for him! But if someone you love likes a wallet and you want something a little more pricey and good quality then Mulberry have some lovely pieces. 

The One Who Wants To Smells Good:
I know this is an obvious and perhaps over done option but I just had to talk about both these scents. I never expected to even like the Jimmy Choo scent or for my partner to but we smelt it in a magazine sample or something silly and we both loved, it has now become Robbie's favourite go to scent. The other one is Hugo Boss Bottled Night which again just smells amazing and I think most men would appreciate either of these scents.

The Well Dressed One:
One thing I always think makes a lovely gift is a nice shirt, I picked this one up for Robbie last year so I don't have a link for it but I just think a nice shirt is something they can wear Christmas day if they want or for any special occasion. I also think a shirt is timeless and if good quality can last for a long time. Ralph Lauren have some nice shirts and I love their packaging I think anyone receiving this would feel as if they are getting something really luxurious. 

I'm sorry this is such a small gift guide, I had it all planed as Robbie knew most of his presents this year and then like an impatient twat I accidentally wrapped all his gifts up and had to put together a few of his old bits to make a gift guide. However all I have got for Robbie for Christmas is clothes, trainers, Ugg slippers and little bits and bobs so nothing as fancy.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Okay, so I think this tag may be a little "dated" from last year or something, butttt I just wanted to do it! I never really get all that personnel or soppy so I'm trying to put myself out there a bit more at the mo. I've changed a few bits up ever so slightly!

One: What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
For me I much prefer some tv classics at Christmas time, I love Only Fools and Horses, Mrs Browns Boys pretty much anything like that, but if I had to pick a film I think it would be ELF or Home Alone pretty standard I know.
Two: Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning at like 6 am of course!
Three: Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
As a child, we always had a slay with lights and pretend reindeer's come by our house they would be collecting money for charity and I just remember every year waiting to hear the slays music and see the shiny lights.

Four: Favourite festive food?

Christmas dinner Duh, I love roast potatoes

Five: Favourite Christmas gift ?
Last year my partner brought me a keyring. It was a metal keyring with a print on. One side had a photo of me and my partner in Paris and on the other side it had a photo of my first baby scan photo, it reminds me every time I look at it how amazing my life is every day and how lucky I am.

Six: Favourite Christmas scent?
I love the smell of a Christmas dinner but I also love the smell of any warm, spicy candle that has a name like "spiced apple" or something. It reminds me of the Glade candles my Mum always use to burn.

Seven: Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Since forever, me and my family have all woken up in the same house at 5/6am and opened presents. Me, my sisters and our partners all sit on the floor like kids whilst my Mum makes everyone a cuppa or we open the bucks fizz and my Dad hands us our presents. We usually open one present at a time and all watch each other open every present, which yes takes ages but it is so nice seeing everyone's reaction.

Eight: What tops your tree?

If I had it my way it would be a picture of my daughter, however, its probably going to be a star or something.

Nine: As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for?

As a child, I was incredibly blessed and had slightly crazy parents, I don't think I could possibly say one present that stood out to me as my dad always come up with the craziest gifts, last minute trips to Disney Land, the biggest barbie house, horses, you name it! Don't get me wrong we aren't spoilt now at all and as much as he taught us to enjoy life he also taught us to work hard.

Ten: What's the best part about Christmas for you?
I don't know, I'm usually not over enthusiastic about Christmas but this year is my daughter's first Christmas and I can't wait. The best part about this Christmas is that I have my daughter and I'm lucky enough to have an amazing partner and good family around me.

I thought this was a great post idea, a little more personal than something I'd typically write but I loved it! Why don't you join in with the Christmas Tag and answer these questions yourself?

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope your feeling festive. 


Monday, 5 December 2016


Dear Santa,

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. I'm not sure what part of Christmas I love the most. The delicious food, the endless Christmas movies or spending quality time with the ones I love. Everything about Christmas reminds me of how lucky I am. It reminds me that although everything is imperfect in my life it feels perfect to me.

Me and my family are all lucky enough to be healthy, happy and have a roof over our heads and I think that is what really matters.  

I guess my letter is for me to show some appreciation to every one, every moment and every thing in my life. I am grateful that I get to wake up next to a man who loves me, more than anyone else could. I'm grateful I get to see my daughter laughsmile and cry every single day. I get to hold them, cuddle them and kiss them. 

I have my sisters and there partners, my parents and my partners family supporting everything we do, every decision we make every single day. 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in life and forget about the really important things, the little things like breathing and living. We forget how lucky we are to wake up with the ones we love, to laugh with them and to see them smile. So Santa this year all I wish for is moments and memories, health and happiness, somewhere warm to sleep ,food to eat and of course lots of makeup (totally kidding about the makeup, but you know its an added extra)

Thank you for every moment, breath and memory I have been able to experience.

Yours sincerely,
Stacey White.


Sunday, 4 December 2016


Girls aren't always easy to buy for, one minute we want something the next we don't. Some times we don't even know what we want, so I decided to put together a few things I'd love to find under my Christmas tree and perhaps it will help inspire you. Plus you could always copy and paste this to your partner to give him a subtle, or not so subtle hint.

The Makeup Enthusiast:

As a beauty blogger it is kind of my duty to love makeup, so this is something I always ask for as gift. I love both high end and drugstore makeup but for Christmas I always ask for those extra special, perhaps a little bit pricier products that I'd typically umm and ah about before buying it for myself. I think this Bobbi Brown rose shimmer brick is a lovely gift, it retails at £33 so a little pricey but if you can't get spoilt at Christmas when can you? Another makeup item I love to receive is a luxury lipstick, I love Mac lipsticks I wouldn't say they are the most luxurious but they are one of my faves and at £15.50 you can ask for a couple. I've also been lusting after Charlotte TilburyChristian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks for a while and think they would make a beautiful gift.

The Luxury Lover:
If your looking for something extra special but a little more pricey then I think Mulberry have an amazing collection of bags and purses. I recently brought myself the Willow Tote and I adore it.  If your really going "all out" and your looking to spend perhaps thousands then a Mulberry bag is the way forward in my opinion. If you are looking for something still really special but a little more affordable then I think this envelope style purse is beautiful to add to anyones collection.

The Fragrance Admirer:

Whenever Christmas comes everyone always opts for a perfume or something and whilst I love getting perfume for Christmas I think it is a bit of an easy one, a no brainer if you like. So I thought a candle or room diffuser made a lovely addition to someones fragrance selection. I personally love The White Company for candles or room sprays. I also love Yankee Candle if your looking for something a little more affordable. If you know someone who really appreciates a nice candle and loves luxury candles then you need to check out Diptyque and Jo Malone. Read more about my favourite scents here.

The One Who Loves Pretty Little Things:
This one is a little more special, it is a keepsake and more personal. I think jewellery is always a great Christmas present, I personally love Thomas Sabo and Pandora when I want to get someone something a little memorable, yet still affordable.

The Hour Long Bathers: Lush do some lovely bath bombs, melts and shower gels. I love soaking in something that smells delicious whilst still being hydrating. I think Lush can make a great secret Santa gift, stocking filler or a main gift. You can either go for a box full of goodies all wrapped ready to go or hand pick bath bombs and other goodies. If your on a budget Lush is an amazing place to start, its always one of my favourite gifts to get.

The One Who's Always In The Kitchen:
Amara kindly contacted me to pick some goodies from their website for my gift guide, so obviously I jumped at the chance. Amara have a great selection of brands from Ted Baker to Kate Spade so there really is something for everyone on their. If you haven't visited their site before, stop what your doing and do it now. They have some amazing products in particular their homeware! Of course when flickering through 100's of pages I come across this beautiful marble chopping board, it retailed at £25, I had been on the hunt for one just like this for ages but they was always out of stock so when I saw this I was excited. It is beautiful, lovely and also good quality. Whenever I walk into my kitchen it just feels complete now. I feel like anyone who loves cooking would really appreciate a pretty chopping board, well I know I do.*

The Creative Mind:

We all know creative minds are usually over thinkers, giving a journal to a creative person is an amazing gift, it gives them a place to let their thoughts and inspirations run wild, I picked this journal from Amara. It is a Kate Spade journal and the second I saw it I fell in love with the simple design. The quality is amazing and the detail is just beautiful. I would love to wake up to this under my Christmas tree.*

The Skincare Addict:
Last month I worked with Mintd Box you can see my review here. I loved the idea of this service, it is a subscription box of all luxury skincare. You could do a one off buy for someone or you could carrying giving them the gift for a month, 2 months or up to a year, the choice is completely yours! I think subscription boxes make a lovely gift because it is something you can keep giving on a monthly basis. However I always find a lot of other subscription boxes are full of a lot of samples where as Mintd Box offer a great variety of luxury samples and full size products, they aren't your average subscription box. Also anyone who's really into their skincare would appreciate this gift.*

I feel like I have covered a fair few gifts here but I love hearing what others would like to receive, so let me know in the comments below something you would love to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Disclaimer: All Items marked with * were gifted to me, however all opinions are honest and my own.


Saturday, 3 December 2016


Whenever I smell spiced apple, cinnamon or gingerbread it automatically makes me feel Christmasy. I love how candles, room sprays and diffusers have the power to create a festive atmosphere. I figured I'd let you know some of my favourite Christmas scents and some I wish to try.

Of course, my all time christmas scent is the smell of a nice big roast dinner, but if we are talking candles I love anything with the name "spiced apple" it reminds me of the Glade candles my Mum use to have around the house when I was a child. If you haven't smelt a Glade candle then you need to! They are seriously so cheap £2 or so but they smell delicious and Christmasy.

If your looking for something that feels a little more luxurious and smells amazing then The White Company Winter Signature Scent is gorgeous. I've brought the room spray, 4 candles and the oil in this scent just so my home smells like Christmas. They smell of Cinnamon, Clove and Orange and just like Christmas deliciousness in a jar.

I've been desperate to get my hands on one of the Diptyque Christmas candles, they look stunning and everyone raves about the smell of them. I also really want to try one from Jo Malone I think they are both at the higher end of candles but by how much people rave about the brands, they sound worth it.

Yankee Candles are more in the middle when it comes to price, they aren't quite as pricey as Jo Malone or Diptyque but they are pricier than Glade. However for £20 you can get a pretty large candle. I always find they smell amazing and Christmasy with scents like 'Christmas Eve' and 'Cherry on Snow' how could you resist? Also if your looking for a gift for someone they now let you personalize your candle with a photo, which is amazing! Who doesn't enjoy a personalized gift?

I really could just write a list of hundreds of candles that remind me of Christmas or that I want to try but I just wanted to share with you a handful of my favourite and most wanted scents.

What scent reminds you of Christmas and what is your favourite candle/fragrance brand? I'm always looking for new Christmas scents to try.


Thursday, 1 December 2016


"Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la, la la la la"

I'm feeling super keen for Christmas this year and I can't even hide it. I've decided I want to try and participate in blogmas this year, so blog every day in the run-up to Christmas. I have tons of Christmasy inspired posts, to hopefully help you get into the Christmas spirit! However, I thought I'd kick things off with a December goals, Christmas edition obvs.

  • Get Christmas tree up and decorated (opps, done this already)
  • Find lots of yummy festive foods
  • Listen to lots of Christmas songs
  • Finish any last minute shopping
  • Make sure all gifts are wrapped 
  • Stay positive and festive throughout the month
  • Enjoy a Starbucks/Costa from a festive cup
  • Pick up some Christmas Lush products 
  • Make festive cookies (Insert love heart eyes)
  • Prep blogpost's/Instagram photos so I can be "work free"

Who's feeling Christmasy already? Let me know your goals for December in the comments!

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