Tuesday, 15 August 2017


"It's a roll and go kinda thing"

It is easy to forget our feet need care, but it's true. In fact, they need extra care, we are on them day in, day out. If I'm completely honest, I completely understand how people neglect their feet. Afterall, we only realise we have neglected them when we need them out. Which isn't all that often in the UK as the weather is rubbish 99.9% of the time, that being said, I don't like to be caught off guard! If I'm sat at home and it's pouring it down and all of a sudden the sun comes out, I want to be out of the house as quick as I possibly can be. I don't want to spend 30 minutes trying to make my feet look "Sandal ready" and now I don't have to. 

Taking care of my feet has never been easier, Magnitones Pedicure System is super easy and convenient. It's battery operated which means it's ready to go at the click of a button. It's easy to carry around and comes with 2 heads and a cleaning brush. They've literally made it as convenient as they possibly could.

The main thing that I appreciated with the Express Pedicure System was that it just works, it works efficiently and quickly. Literally, I can use it for 5 minutes once a week or so after a bath and know that my feet will be left soft, every single time. It's literally a "roll and go kinda thing". 

They've really thought about the design of this product. It's easy to grip and it glides along the sole of your foot. If I'm completely honest, I can't fault it and for £24.99, I feel like you can't go wrong.

Have you ever tried anything like this? 

Disclaimer: I was gifted this product. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 


Saturday, 22 July 2017


I've never been one for fad diets, I strongly believe that eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, perhaps a lifestyle choice, I don't always follow but still a lifestyle choice. I don't agree with starving yourself and living off shakes, I don't agree with counting calories, what I do believe in, is being more conscious of your decisions, making better decisions and living a life where you allow yourself to have balance. 20 percent treat and 80 percent good. (Although, I'm pretty sure this week my "Balance" Has been 80 percent treat, possibly even 90 but that's not the point.)

I like testing out different teas for two reasons. 
Firstly because I'm obsessed with tea. Secondly, because unlike other methods of diets/weight loss they don't offer false claims, they don't make you starve yourself and chances are they won't actually do much at all. Just make you feel a little less bloated and help your digestive system run a little smoother. So if you like realistic results, strong tea, and something that fits into your routine easily then keep reading.

Teagime morning tea.
This is basically coffee, in the form of tea. It's going to give you a little boost, a little energy and boost your metabolism. This is personally my favorite of the 3. It definitely gave me a little something to get me going for the day, but it also tastes delicious. I could drink this tea every day and wouldn't feel like I'm missing out on a nice cup of English tea.

Teagime afternoon tea.
This tea is meant to help beat the afternoon slump and help curb sugar cravings. If I'm completely honest. I can barely drink this tea. It's way too sweet for me. I've never really been one for berry teas or anything like that. The good thing is as it's loose tea I can pick how much I want so in the afternoon I will literally have a pinch of this in my tea bag. 

Teagime evening tea.
My favorite tea of the day is actually my night time tea. Whether I'm following a teatox or not I always always have a cup of tea before bed. This tea is calming and always helps soothe my tummy before bed. 

Over all, I've really enjoyed adding Teagime to my day. I don't always drink it daily and I haven't tracked to see if I have lost any weight because for me it isn't about that. It's about adding something that helps my digestive system and gives me a little more energy. Also when I do stick to drinking this weekly I do feel like I notice a difference in my belly but mainly because I don't feel bloated and for me that makes a huge difference. 

If you would like to find out more about Teagime, head over to their website here.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 


Saturday, 8 July 2017


"If you're going to invest in anything, invest in your skin."

I love skincare, it is one of my favourite things to buy and trial. Finding a good skin care can be a tricky challenge and a pretty pricey one at that. If you're going to invest in anything, invest in your skin. 

When Mahogany Naturals sent me these items over, I was a little sceptical. Natural and organic skincare has never been something that I've been overly bothered by and whenever I've tried natural skincare I've always broken out. However, you can't knock something until you've tried it. If you want to know what I really thought of Mahogany Naturals, then keep reading.

Soothing Cleansing Oil £40
This is my favourite item of the 3. It removed all of my make up quickly and easily. I found myself using this on days when I wanted to get my make up off as quickly as possible. It left my skin feeling amazing. My skin felt hydrated yet clean. The only thing I wasn't keen on was how strong it smelt, it's a little overwhelming for a skincare product and the strong smell made me hesitant to try it on my eyes.

Manuka Face Cream £50
This is my least favourite of the 3. I literally could not stand the smell of this stuff at all. I think I managed to use it for a week and just disliked the smell so much that I had to discontinue use. I'm sure if I had stuck to it I would get use to it eventually, but I didn't notice any real difference in my skin within that week of use anyway so it wasn't worth continuing use for me. 

Relaxing Rose and Geranium Bath Salt £30
I love my baths and I'm obsessed with anything that is going to make my baths even more enjoyable. I loved the rose and geranium. Even though they smelt quite strong, it was actually really nice when put in the bath. I've used these all up and every time I used them I felt calmer, my skin felt a little softer and better. I know that sounds a little crazy but the scent has a really relaxing kind of feel. I loved these!

Over all, I really enjoyed my experience with these natural products. It is a little strange getting used to the natural scents but it does grow on you. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment letting me know what your favourite skincare product is.

Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me. However, all opinions are honest and my own.


Monday, 12 June 2017


I can't believe it's nearly Fathers Day already. This will be the second one in which my partner is a Father for. I love Fathers Day, it's so easy to take for granted our Fathers, our partners, and Father figures in our lives, so once a year, it is nice for them to be reminded that we love them, we need them and we treasure them. (Although we should be doing it more than once a year) 

However, finding a present that says all that can be really hard, nothing ever really shows them exactly how much you appreciate them and sure a fragrance can't say it all but a fragrance is a pretty personal thing, just being able to pick out a fragrance they like shows that you know them and it's little tokens of love like that, that really matter. 

Fragrance Direct have made it easier than ever to get the right fragrance for your loved one, just take the fragrance finder quiz and hopefully it will give you a helping hand in finding the perfect scent. It literally takes 2 minutes and it's quite fun seeing what fragrance they suggest. 

"It's Masculine and seductive, the kind of scent that turns heads"

This is my favorite of the bunch, not only because the bottle is pretty swanky, but because it's got that real sexy smell to it. It's masculine and seductive, the kind of scent that turns heads. Funnily enough, this was also my partners favorite. I feel like this is a really safe scent, I'd be surprised if someone wasn't keen on this scent.

I really couldn't decide which fragrance I prefered out of this one and the other. However, Gucci Guilty just topped the boat slightly, purely because of it's swanky and slim bottle, I felt like it was a little more travel-friendly. However, this bottle is equally sleek, it is just a little bulkier. The scent is again very masculine, fresh and sophisticated. This is a really memorable scent, it's got something a little unique to it whilst still being a really safe option. 

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Absolute EDP
This is your not so safe option, this scent is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. I'm not going to lie, it is not my favourite, it certainly is not something my partner would usually wear, not because it doesn't smell nice but because it is a scent I imagine an older man wearing, it's very sophisticated and masculine still but it is very unique. It will not be everyone's cup of tea.

If you're still hunting for the perfect Father's day gift I really recommend checking out Fragrance Directs Fathers Day hub and taking the fragrance finder quiz. It is such a great idea, it is quick and easy. Plus it really helps when it comes to picking out the perfect scent! 

I hope this has been helpful, let me know if you've taken the quiz! Also, let me know what you are getting your Father for Fathers Day.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Fragrance Direct but all opinions are honest and my own.

Disclaimer: Popsmile, Purlogicol, and Patisserie De Bain kindly gifted me the items featured in this post. All opinions are honest and my own.


Tuesday, 6 June 2017


"To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement" 

Perfume has always been one of those items that feel's like a treat, something about it screams luxury and Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush is no exception. It's light, floral and airy, with notes of lily of the valley, rose and lingering drydown it really is the perfect Spring Summer scent. To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. Plus, how breathtakingly beautiful is the bottle? In fact, it is so beautiful I created a makeup look inspired by the bottle. Something soft, pretty and glowy.
(you can shop the fragrance here for £34.95 saving yourself £19.05!)

When creating the look I really wanted to make it match the scent. I wanted it to be perfect for Spring and Summer time so obviously, all the glow was key. I started off by mixing a tiny bit Nars Illuminator in Super Orgasm in with my foundation and it looked gorgeous. If you've tried anything in the shade Orgasm you will know it is a gorgeous shade with lots of gold undertones, which work perfectly at brightening the face. However, of course, this wasn't enough glow for me, so I added Nars Copacabana onto my cheek bones. This really brightened and highlighted the area.

I then took a large fluffy brush and dusted the Loreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder this powder is so lightweight but sets your makeup beautifully. You wouldn't even know you have applied powder to your face. It literally keeps your skin looking glowy and your makeup lasting all day. It is very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and I imagine it to be similar to the By Terry Illuminating Powder as the shades and idea are very similar. However, this powder retails at £4.99 on Fragrance Direct and I literally have been using it non-stop. 

I then added Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder because I'm so pale this works beautifully at bronzing my face up. It is very soft and natural but it really brings my makeup together. It really does give me that healthy kind of glow look. Plus it smells amazing.


Then the last step I took was adding this beautiful blusher in Desire. I actually picked the wrong shade in this blusher, I originally was meant to pick Unlawful, but this shade is actually so similar to the colour of the perfume bottle it fits well. This blush is simply stunning, that being said, like all Nars blushers you only need a tiny tiny amount. They really are super pigmented and it really is easy to go overboard.

And of course to finish off the look I created my signature curls and added my signature Summer scent and then I was good to go.

What is your spring summer fragrance?

Disclaimer: All items in this post were gifted. However, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


"The shade of lipstick you pick can make or break your entire look."

When it comes to lipstick, you can never go wrong with a Nude and a Red. I feel like these are the two colours you always need in your collection, come rain or shine. The shade of lipstick you pick can make or break your entire look.

My go to daily shade has been Bella, it is a Nude with a subtle hint of pastel Pink. This is a real feminine shade, yet something that suits every makeup look. This lipstick compliments my skin colour and my hair colour, I feel like it really is the perfect Nude for me. I am obsessed with the texture, the lipstick is velvety on the application. It leaves your lips feeling nourished, the lipstick feels so lite on the lips. It's a big fat thumbs up from me.

If I'm feeling a little brave then I reach for Evelyn. It's the perfect corally Red shade. The kind of shade that looks beautiful with a tan, yet still compliments us pale girls skin tones. I personally find it really hard to wear Red shades in the summer, in the winter it's a bit easier, I just pretend I'm rocking the dark red "vampy look" but come summer I want it to look a little softer. I also love this shade just to make me feel put together when I'm in a rush. Literally a bit of bb cream, blush and mascara and a quick swipe of this over the lip and your good to go. 

I genuinely feel like this brand needs more hype. Whilst these lipsticks retail at £18.00, so a little pricey. They are worth it. I feel like they are way up there with the quality you would get from Charlotte Tilbury or Mac. Also, the packaging is gorgeous and really durable which is always a winner. You can shop all Joan Collins products here.

Disclaimer: These items were gifted to me. However, All opinions are honest and my own. 


Monday, 22 May 2017


"Jewellery is the finishing touch to an outfit. It compliments what is already there."

When it comes to our wardrobe we all have our staples. The cami in black, white and nude. A pair of jeans in black and blue, a well fitting dress and a neutral coloured coat. They are all essential and all work beautifully together and apart. So why not have some key pieces of jewellery? After all, jewellery is the finishing touch to an outfit. It compliments what is already there.

For me, there are few very obvious items we should have in our jewellery collection.  

one: T h e  C a s u a l  W a t c h
This is something you can wear day in day out and something that goes with pretty much any outfit. I personally love my brand new classic petite watch from Daniel Wellington with this gorgeous leather strap. It is super comfy for everyday wear. The leather strap is so beautifully designed yet simple enough to go with any outfit.

two: T h e  E v e n i n g  W a t c h
I really love dressing up an outfit with a watch. I think silver, gold or rose gold can really add an extra touch, that something special to an evening outfit. I have kind of cheated a little with this one as it is the same watch as the first one but with its original rose gold mesh strap on. The great thing about Daniel Wellington watches is that they make it easy and affordable to change up your look within a minute. Seriously, it has never been easier and with so many different straps and style to choose from you really can't go wrong. You can shop all Daniel Wellington items here. (Don't forget to use my discount code STACEYWHITE15 FOR 15% OFF. Valid till 15/06/2017)

three: T h e  C l a s s i c  C u f f
I am completely and utterly obsessed with the way this cuff compliments the watch. It looks beautiful with both the mesh and leather strap. It's so dainty and simple but adds so much detail.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with Daniel Wellington but all opinions are honest and my own.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017


"We have probably all been plagued by body image."

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So why is it I feel the constant need to lose weight, the urge to keep up with trends and quite frankly blend in. It's 2017 and women are strong and independent, yet this urge of weakness overtakes me and I constantly feel compelled to keep up. Each and every beauty product I buy is an attempt at feeling beautiful.

At one stage or another, we have probably all been plagued by body image. Sometimes it's caused by self-doubt and other times it caused by ugly words and ignorant people. For some of us, it only affects us from time to time and for the rest of us it eats us up.

But can we ever really learn to accept ourselves? One simple answer. YES. If you want to and I mean only if you really really want to. (God that sounded like a lyrics from a 90's spice girl song). Never ever, did I dream I would feel somewhat comfortable standing in front of a camera and actually posting, for some this is natural and they look effortlessly beautiful, purely just because they are comfortable with themselves. For me, I would look like Chandelier from Friends, you know the series where he would try and smile in front of a camera and end up looking like a psychopath? Yup that's me, but a short and chubby version.

"I've just started accepting more and more, that I am who I am. All 5ft 3 inches of me, stretch marks, saggy skin and all"

But now, out of nowhere, I've just started accepting more and more, that I am who I am. All 5ft 3 inches of me, stretch marks, saggy skin and all. Some people say it comes with age and I mean to some extent, the older we get the more we learn and the less we care. But in all honesty, to really feel more comfortable in yourself, I believe we must push ourselves so far out of our comfort zone so that we can completely lose sight of what it is that makes us comfortable anymore.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't happen overnight and it is certainly something I work at every single day but for the most part I am ok with not being stick thin and knowing that some days it is ok to eat a pack of biscuits, all six packets of crisps from a multipack and a Chinese. I've made a vow to not obsess over what I eat and the way I look and sure, from time to time I do but, I'm learning that it is not the end of the world if my jeans are so tight they cut off circulation.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, let's all try and obsess less, live more and quit sweating the small stuff. Sometimes it's ok to feel down in yourself, sometimes it's ok to make jokes at your own expense but it is also ok to feel good about yourself and whether that means going Au Naturale, or If it means covering your face in makeup then so be it. I am so done with caring if people think I wear too much makeup and I am so done with worrying what people think of me, people who love you will love you for you, flaws and all.

So here's to self-loveself-worth, and lots of selfies.

Bag- Tidebuy/Boots-F&F 

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Monday, 17 April 2017


"Your accessories are the finishing touches, the cherry on top shall we say."

Spring is well and truly in the air and I am so ready to swap chunky knits for floral dresses, hot chocolate for cocktails and heavy handbags for pretty little clutches.

I am very much a grab and go kind of girl, I like to throw an outfit on and dress it up with my shoes and my bag. Your accessories are the finishing touches, the cherry on top shall we say.

This cream bag from Koko Courture is both beautiful and convenient. It's spacious enough to fit a camera, phone, and all your essentials in, whilst still remaining compact. You can wear it as an oversized clutch and a side bag which makes it the perfect grab and go bag. 

The bag is beautiful, simple and easy to style and for £24.00 a complete bargain. It comes in Cream, Black and Tan and they are all equally beautiful. For me the Cream was perfect for spring, the gold detailing on the bag compliment the style.

The bag is faux leather but feels soft yet durable. The only downside to this bag for me was that when I wear dark jeans with the bag, the colour rubs off onto the bag. This isn't a huge issue as it can be wiped away but it is definitely something to think about if you're like me and live in black jeans. 

Overall, I was super impressed with the quality. I will definitely be purchasing other bags in the future from Koko Couture

Whats your go to spring accessory?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Koko Couture. This item was gifted to me.


Sunday, 2 April 2017


"I like my skin to look flawless, glowy and natural and my lashes to look full, thick and fluttery. I really do believe this is the winning combination".

There are two main things I focus on when doing my makeup. My base and my lashes. If you get these two right, then your makeup is almost always going to look good. 

I remember applying to much mascara, having long spider leg type lashes and my face being three shades darker than my neck. Those days are long gone. As I've grown older, I have discovered more of what I really want out of my makeup. What I want to emphasise and what I need to play down, what works for me and what doesn't. 

At 20 something years of age, I am finally understanding that 10 layers of mascara does not work for me, in fact, it leaves me looking like my 16-year-old self. However, I know that a coat or two of my favourite mascara, a good eyelash curler and a natural yet wispy pair of lashes, can completely make my makeup look.

So, Here is my, ultimate guide to thick and fluttery lashes.

L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Mascara So Couture, My lashes have dramatically changed over the years. I use to be able to wear any old mascara and they pretty much looked long and fluttery. However, these days I have to work a lot harder to create the look. When I originally tried this mascara I hated it, at that time it wasn't what I wanted. As of recent, I have been focusing much more on getting a lot of volume at the root of my lash, and since then, my lash game is completely changed. Instead of layering, coat after coat. I hold the mascara wand into the root of my lash, gently wiggling the brush side to side to build up the volume (just in the root) and seriously it has made my eyelashes appear so much thicker. I also find because I am only running the brush through the ends of my lashes once or twice, my lashes look fluttery and full but without any clumps. So being as the way I apply my mascara has changed, so has my taste in mascaras. This mascara has been my holy grail for the past few months. I'd recommend playing around with it a little before completely writing it off like I originally did. I am thinking of trying a few of the other Mascaras in this line.
If mascara doesn't quite cut it for you, then fake it till you make it! I don't tend to wear eyelashes that often anymore, but if I do I like them to be thick, fluttery yet natural. I prefer lashes without a band but I have different shapes and styles to show you. Two with bands and two without.

The first set of lashes are Red Cherry Lashes Style Wispy, I got sent this pair from Falseeyelashes.co.uk and seriously they had such a dreamy collection of lashes. However, I was just drawn to this pair. I must admit this pair is my favourite of the bunch. They are fluttery and natural and because they are band-free, they are flexible and mould to the eye seamlessly. They look very natural and full at the same time. These are my new favourite lashes! I'm a sucker for a wispy lash! They retail for £3.99, which is amazing! They go on smoothly and can easily be re-used, so I feel like your really getting your money's worth.

The second set of lashes are Red Cherry Lashes Style Molla, these were also sent to me from Falseeyelashes.co.uk. Luckily they let me pick two pairs of lashes that I would like.  Immediately after seeing this set, I just had to have them. I was convinced these would be my new go to lashes. Hmm, ok so they are gorgeous and easy to apply, but they were a little less flexible than the first pair making it the slightest and I mean the slightest bit harder to apply. However, I would repurchase these as they do look gorgeous, but I can't deny that the first pair of lashes were my fave. These lashes cost £3.99, which is really reasonably priced.

The third set of lashes are from Threads Beauty Style Charleston, these lashes and the 4th pair were both sent to me from Threads Beauty. This particular pair were the hardest to apply. I think these lashes would blend better if I wore eyeliner with them because the band is quite thick and noticeable. I found this particular set to be quite plasticky and not very flexible at all. However, if you are patient and are happy to play around with them, then they can look lovely, but it certainly was a little bit of a faff trying to get this style on. If you're a pro with lashes, it won't be a problem. These lashes retail at £9.00.

These are the last set of lashes and were sent to me from Threads Beauty, These were my second favourite pair. Whilst they are certainly still a little more faffy to apply, they do look beautiful when they are on. Also, although the band is still quite thick, I managed to wear them without eyeliner and they still looked seamless. For me, I like my lashes to be long, thick and fluttery, whilst still looking natural and these lashes did exactly that. They retail at £9.00, which I do think is a little steep, for that kind of money I want a pair of mink lashes that are re-usable. 

Also if you do like mink lashes then check out my friend's lashes Dollgoals she has so many beautiful lashes to choose from. She has everything from natural and wispy, to bold and beautiful

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what makes your eyelashes stand out? Is it a good mascara? or a set of lashes? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


This is a sponsored post with L'Occitane.

It's official, mornings are brighter, evenings are lighter and blossom trees are blooming. There is nothing quite like the start of Spring. Spring is my favourite time of the year, but with the new season, comes the urge to change up my makeup, scent and my wardrobe. I figured, stepping into Spring with a wish list was the perfect way to kick things off.

Perfume is one of the many things I change up when transitioning into a new season. I like something light, sophisticated and floral and when I heard about the new L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere Eau de Parfum I instantly had to add it to my wish list. I have heard it's been described as subtle and uplifting, which is exactly what I want from my Spring fragrance. Plus, I love treating myself to Loccitane bath and body products, so I thought why not a fragrance this time? You can shop the perfume here.

Come Spring and Summertime I crave flawless, poreless looking skin, so obviously I had to add the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer I feel like YSL just nail base products, I am obsessed with everything about YSL, the beautiful packaging and the consistent great quality products, so obviously with everyone raving about this primer at the moment, it had to be added  to my list.

I also added Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation to my wish list, like I said YSL just nail it when it comes to base products. Consistently creating products that create a flawless but comfortable veil over the skin. So obviously it goes without saying that this was going to be on my wish list. Fresh faced for Spring, yes please.

Along with flawless skin, I also love to glow and I have heard so many good things about the Topshop Beauty Glow Highlighter- Gleam. I always mean to pick one up when I go shopping but it's either sold out or I completely forget. However, this Spring I am determined to get my hands on it.

I think it's pretty apparent I live for glowy, healthy looking skin. Another product I have been dying to get my hands on is ByTerry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum I think this is down to the beautiful Lydia, I mean that women could pretty much sell me a bin bag if she wore it. She constantly raves about this serum and her skin is always and I mean ALWAYS glowing. I'm not going to lie, I am sold.

And lastly, but by no means least. Diptyque Roses Candle. Diptyque do the best candles ever, my current fave is Baies but I would love to get my hands on the Roses candle. I love the smell of roses and I can only imagine how beautiful this candle must smell. Plus it is the perfect time of year to fill your home with the smell of fresh cut roses.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what is on your wish list for Spring, not that I need an excuse to buy anything else.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017


"Good tools are the key to good makeup."

I feel like the tools you use to apply your makeup are often overlooked. Having the right tools can make or break your makeup. I know first hand that good tools are the key to good makeup. However, if you're like me, you want something that works, but that won't completely break the bank. Crown Brush, have got you covered.

Crown Brush kindly sent me a selection of their brushes. Before the brushes arrived, I literally had no clue what they would be like or what I was getting. When I opened my package I was overwhelmed with how many brushes they had sent me. The brushes looked beautiful and felt incredibly soft and they were wrapped beautifully in some pink tissue paper (it is the little touches right?).

I loved the selection of brushes they picked for me. Some, I automatically knew what to use them for and others were so unique I wasn't all that sure how to use, but have quickly become staples.

If you are looking for good quality, affordable and easy to clean brushes, I feel like Crown Brush offer exactly that. They have such a huge variety of brushes for such great value. Whether you are a beginner or have been doing makeup for years, I think Crown Brush really do cater for everyone and every need.

"Each style is individual to the next."

Crown brush, have created tonnes of brushes. They have every style you could possibly need and each brush is individual to the next.

C141 - C H I S E L   B L U S H 

Soft natural fibre brush, designed for highlighter and blusher. If I'm completely honest, I have barely used this and if I do it is usually to dust my powder, after baking my face. That being said it's a nice little addition to my brush family, just in case I've gone a bit overboard with the bronzer.

C523 - M I N I  F L A T  C O N T O U R

Densely packed bristles, perfect for contouring around the nose. I literally love this little brush. I've never been able to master the art of nose contour, however, since using this it has become significantly easier.

C525 - P R O   R O U N D  B L E N D E R

A densely packed brush, perfect for powdering those hard to reach areas. I loved using this brush for powdering around my nose. Also if I need to cover a blemish this brush packs on the powder, creating a flawless full coverage look.

C508 - P R O A N G L E  B L E N D E R

The pro blenders tiny shape and angled cut makes it perfect for under the eyes or around the nose. I love using this brush to pack on powder under the eyes, it picks up powder well and distributes it evenly. Such a great brush for baking under the eyes.

C533 - P R O  B L E N D E R

Perfect for blending in foundation and concealer. It's small tip made it easy to get to hard to reach areas of my face. I loved using it for my concealer, blending and buffing for a flawless finish.

C509 - P R O  D E T A I L  C O N C E A L E R

This brush is designed for concealer, under eyes, t-zone and around the lips. I loved using it for sculpting out my brows. This brush is one of my favourites as it is made it super easy and convenient to use on a daily basis.

C515 - P R O  P R E C I S I O N  C R E A S E

I'm Completely obsessed with this for creating a smokey eye, it is perfect for smoking out eyeliner and adding some depth to the corner.

C526 - P R O   D O M E   C R E A S E

This brush is designed for blending in eyeshadow, I think it is great at applying the eyeshadow and blending. However, as it is quite dense I feel like you will still need a fluffy blending brush to really blend out the edges.

C514 - P R O   D E T A I L   L I N E R

As the name suggests, this brush is designed for liner. Unfortunately, I don't tend to wear eyeliner very often so I haven't used this brush yet and probably won't get much use out of it. It is very thin and firm though so I imagine it would perform well.

Shop all brushes here.

Overall, I was really impressed with Crown Brush and will 100% be purchasing some more brushes from them.

Have you tried any of these brushes? If not what's your favourite brand for affordable brushes?

Disclaimer: These brushes were gifted to me, however, all opinions are honest and my own as always.

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