Monday, 17 April 2017


"Your accessories are the finishing touches, the cherry on top shall we say."

Spring is well and truly in the air and I am so ready to swap chunky knits for floral dresses, hot chocolate for cocktails and heavy handbags for pretty little clutches.

I am very much a grab and go kind of girl, I like to throw an outfit on and dress it up with my shoes and my bag. Your accessories are the finishing touches, the cherry on top shall we say.

This cream bag from Koko Courture is both beautiful and convenient. It's spacious enough to fit a camera, phone, and all your essentials in, whilst still remaining compact. You can wear it as an oversized clutch and a side bag which makes it the perfect grab and go bag. 

The bag is beautiful, simple and easy to style and for £24.00 a complete bargain. It comes in Cream, Black and Tan and they are all equally beautiful. For me the Cream was perfect for spring, the gold detailing on the bag compliment the style.

The bag is faux leather but feels soft yet durable. The only downside to this bag for me was that when I wear dark jeans with the bag, the colour rubs off onto the bag. This isn't a huge issue as it can be wiped away but it is definitely something to think about if you're like me and live in black jeans. 

Overall, I was super impressed with the quality. I will definitely be purchasing other bags in the future from Koko Couture

Whats your go to spring accessory?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Koko Couture. This item was gifted to me.


Sunday, 2 April 2017


"I like my skin to look flawless, glowy and natural and my lashes to look full, thick and fluttery. I really do believe this is the winning combination".

There are two main things I focus on when doing my makeup. My base and my lashes. If you get these two right, then your makeup is almost always going to look good. 

I remember applying to much mascara, having long spider leg type lashes and my face being three shades darker than my neck. Those days are long gone. As I've grown older, I have discovered more of what I really want out of my makeup. What I want to emphasise and what I need to play down, what works for me and what doesn't. 

At 20 something years of age, I am finally understanding that 10 layers of mascara does not work for me, in fact, it leaves me looking like my 16-year-old self. However, I know that a coat or two of my favourite mascara, a good eyelash curler and a natural yet wispy pair of lashes, can completely make my makeup look.

So, Here is my, ultimate guide to thick and fluttery lashes.

L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Mascara So Couture, My lashes have dramatically changed over the years. I use to be able to wear any old mascara and they pretty much looked long and fluttery. However, these days I have to work a lot harder to create the look. When I originally tried this mascara I hated it, at that time it wasn't what I wanted. As of recent, I have been focusing much more on getting a lot of volume at the root of my lash, and since then, my lash game is completely changed. Instead of layering, coat after coat. I hold the mascara wand into the root of my lash, gently wiggling the brush side to side to build up the volume (just in the root) and seriously it has made my eyelashes appear so much thicker. I also find because I am only running the brush through the ends of my lashes once or twice, my lashes look fluttery and full but without any clumps. So being as the way I apply my mascara has changed, so has my taste in mascaras. This mascara has been my holy grail for the past few months. I'd recommend playing around with it a little before completely writing it off like I originally did. I am thinking of trying a few of the other Mascaras in this line.
If mascara doesn't quite cut it for you, then fake it till you make it! I don't tend to wear eyelashes that often anymore, but if I do I like them to be thick, fluttery yet natural. I prefer lashes without a band but I have different shapes and styles to show you. Two with bands and two without.

The first set of lashes are Red Cherry Lashes Style Wispy, I got sent this pair from and seriously they had such a dreamy collection of lashes. However, I was just drawn to this pair. I must admit this pair is my favourite of the bunch. They are fluttery and natural and because they are band-free, they are flexible and mould to the eye seamlessly. They look very natural and full at the same time. These are my new favourite lashes! I'm a sucker for a wispy lash! They retail for £3.99, which is amazing! They go on smoothly and can easily be re-used, so I feel like your really getting your money's worth.

The second set of lashes are Red Cherry Lashes Style Molla, these were also sent to me from Luckily they let me pick two pairs of lashes that I would like.  Immediately after seeing this set, I just had to have them. I was convinced these would be my new go to lashes. Hmm, ok so they are gorgeous and easy to apply, but they were a little less flexible than the first pair making it the slightest and I mean the slightest bit harder to apply. However, I would repurchase these as they do look gorgeous, but I can't deny that the first pair of lashes were my fave. These lashes cost £3.99, which is really reasonably priced.

The third set of lashes are from Threads Beauty Style Charleston, these lashes and the 4th pair were both sent to me from Threads Beauty. This particular pair were the hardest to apply. I think these lashes would blend better if I wore eyeliner with them because the band is quite thick and noticeable. I found this particular set to be quite plasticky and not very flexible at all. However, if you are patient and are happy to play around with them, then they can look lovely, but it certainly was a little bit of a faff trying to get this style on. If you're a pro with lashes, it won't be a problem. These lashes retail at £9.00.

These are the last set of lashes and were sent to me from Threads Beauty, These were my second favourite pair. Whilst they are certainly still a little more faffy to apply, they do look beautiful when they are on. Also, although the band is still quite thick, I managed to wear them without eyeliner and they still looked seamless. For me, I like my lashes to be long, thick and fluttery, whilst still looking natural and these lashes did exactly that. They retail at £9.00, which I do think is a little steep, for that kind of money I want a pair of mink lashes that are re-usable. 

Also if you do like mink lashes then check out my friend's lashes Dollgoals she has so many beautiful lashes to choose from. She has everything from natural and wispy, to bold and beautiful

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what makes your eyelashes stand out? Is it a good mascara? or a set of lashes? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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